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“Scouse the Mouse” by Ringo Starr and others (1977)


Scouse the Mouse is a children’s album released in the UK in 1977. It featured the vocals of Ringo Starr and others.

Starr appears as the album’s main character, Scouse the Mouse, who emigrates from Liverpool to the United States. Scouse is a word for things from Liverpool. Other characters are played by Adam Faith (“Bonce the Mouse”) and Barbara Dickson (“Molly Jolly”). The album was written, directed and narrated by Donald Pleasence. Most of the songs performed on the album were composed by Roger Brown.

Starr’s tracks (“I Know a Place”, “S.O.S.”, “A Mouse Like Me”, “Living in a Pet Shop”, “Scouse’s Dream”, “Running Free”, “Boat Ride” and “Scouse the Mouse”) were recorded in July 1977, produced by Hugh Murphy, at Berwick Street Studios.



https://rutracker.org/forum/tracker.php?nm=Scouse the Mouse

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